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Some "other" windows and vitrines in Amsterdam.


Street Portrait, Notting Hill Carnival, London

This photo was taken during the Notting Hill Carnival in 2007. Held each August Bank Holiday since 1966, Notting Hill Carnival is has attracted up to 2 million people in 2007. This is the second largest street festival in the world after Rio, and the largest celebration of its kind in Europe.


Cotswolds, England

This photo was taken in the Cotswolds, a range of hills in west-central England, sometimes called the "Heart of England". The area has been designated as the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty


NamibRand Nature Reserve, Namibia

This is a photo taken in the NamibRand Nature Reserve. This is a private nature reserve in Southwestern Namibia on the namib Desert. Founded in 1992, it is 172,200 hectares (1,722 km²), making it probably the biggest nature reserve in Southern Africa and shares a 100 km border with Namib-Naukluft National Park to the west and the Nubib mountains to the east.


"Some Journeys Cannot Be Put Into Words"

This photo was taken on Bond Street, London, and is showing a huge billboard for a famous malletier with pedestrian passing by.


Sunday Street Jazz Band : Rene Miller's Wedding Band

This photo was taken on the Île Saint-Louis in Paris. This is René Miller's Wedding Band, with Johnathan Dickinson (drums), Chris Hudson (trombone), Tim Puckett (saxophone), Jeff Halam (double bass), René Miller (guitar, vocals).


Damrak, Amsterdam

This photo is showing an angle of the Damrak, a partly filled in canal at the centre of Amsterdam.


Victoria Memorial, London

This is a photo of the Vitcoria Memorial, created by sculptor Sir Thomas Brock in 1911 and erected in front of the main gates at Buckingham Palace in London on a surround constructed by architect Sir Aston Webb. It is made of 2,300 tons of white marble. It has a large statue of Queen Victoria facing north-eastwards towards The Mall. The other sides of the monument feature dark patinated bronze statues of the Angel of Justice (facing north-westwards toward Green Park), the Angel of Truth (facing south-eastwards) and Charity facing Buckingham Palace. On the pinnacle, is Victory with two seated figures. The subsidiary figures were gifted by the people of New Zealand. The whole sculpture has a nautical theme, much like the rest of the mall (Admiralty Arch etc...). This can be seen in the mermaid, mermen and a hippogriff, all of which are suggestive of Great Britain's naval power.