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This photo was taken from the top of the Centre George Pompidou, by looking at the details, you will recognise :
  • the Bourse du Commerce at the foreground : this is the round building; it was built in the 18th century, and later modified in the 19th. The site however has been occupied for the last 800 years. Called the Hôtel de Nesle, during the 13th century, then it became the Hôtel de Bohème, then Hôtel de Orléans. The mother of St. Louis, Blanche de Castille, died in the Hôtel de Nesle in 1252. Later, Louis XII lost the building to his chamberlain in a cribbage game. He in turn converted it to a convent for wayward women. In 1572, Catherine de Medici moved the convent out, and had Delorme and Bullant construct the Hôtel de la Reine, later called the Hôtel de Savoy. The present rotunda built in 1889 replaced a wheat market build during Louis XVI's reign.
  • the Colonne Médicis at the foreground next to the bourse du Commerce, is a vestige (from 1574) of the Hôtel de la Reine, and thought to have been used by the astrologer Ruggieri as an observatory.
  • the Colonne Vendôme on the right hand side, located at the centre of the Place Vendôme and erected by Napoleon to commemorate Battle of Austerlitz.
  • the Saint-Augustin church's dome / coupole, just in the alignment of the Grande Arche
  • the Arc de Triomphe on the left hand side
  • La Défense at the background

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Anonymous said...

Very original view, and pretty impressive, as La Defense seems so big and close to the city, and look to appear and raise above the old city. Well seen !