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Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF)

This is a photo of the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF), designed by architect Dominique Perrault, and opened to the public on December 1996. This is one of the largest and most modern libraries in the world, does cover all fields of knowledge (with approximately 13 million books and publications) and use the most modern data transfer technologies (consultation from a distance, collaboration with other European libraries : in 1997 the digital library was established for online users, and as of April 2006, Gallica made available on the Web: 90,000 scanned volumes, 1,200 full-text volumes, 500 audio documents, and 80,000 images). See also


Anonymous said...

Where did you take this photo from ? An ULM like for the Mont Saint Michel ? I like the details of the roofs at the foreground, and the chimney and smoke in the grey sky. Bravo !

Loïc BROHARD said...

This was taken from the top og the Centre Georges Pompidou. No ULM this time ! Thanks for your comment, Loic