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Wrynose Pass, Lake District National Park

These 3 photos were taken at Wrynose Pass, Lake District National Park in England.
The Wrynose pass is a mountain pass between the Duddon Valley and Little Langdale that reaches an altitude of 393m.
At the top of the Wrynose Pass is the Three Shire Stone, marking the meeting point of the historic counties of Cumberland, Lancashire and Westmorland.
Wrynose is part of the old Roman road named the 10th iter. It served the troops stationed at Hardknott Fort, and bits of the old road remain running alongside the present one. The unusual name, Wrynose, comes from 'pass of the stallion' and referred to the fact that the steep gradients (up to 1 in 3) needed a well-muscled horse to attain the top (today still one of the steepest roads in England).
The descent into the Duddon Valley or Wrynose Bottom is an unremitting sequence of steep hairpin bends, but the view in front is quite stunning. The road continues over Hardknott Pass and on into Eskdale.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful landscape, lights and colors ! Cheers, Sophie

Cyril said...

C'est vraiment magnifique, des paysages incroyables. Quelle chance de pouvoir visiter de telles contrées. Un bien fou pour l'esprit, faire le vide. De biens belles photos, merci!

Kieran Donnelly said...

I love the light in these shots. I'm heading there soon and can only hope to get shots like that!

These are my best from Ireland