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360° from St Paul's Cathedral, London

St Paul's Cathedral... Exactly 530 stairs and 111m to take you to the top with a three-stage journey:
- some 30m and precisely 259 steps above to reach the interior walkway around the dome's base; this is the Whispering Gallery, so called because if you talk close to the wall it really does carry your words around to the opposite side, 32m away.
- climbing another 119 steps you reach the Stone Gallery, which is an exterior viewing platform, with 360-degree views of London, all of which are rather obscured by pillars and other suicide-preventing measures.
- The further 152 iron steps to the Golden Gallery are steeper and narrower.
From here, 111m above London, the city opens up to you, the view unspoilt by superfluous railings.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing (tips and photos). Is it very busy with tourists to go up there ? Seems a better option (or at least different) than the London eyes on both queuing aspect and 360 view. Cheers, Sophie

Loïc BROHARD said...

I was there quite early, and it was OK. Even if this is one of the most visited places in London, not everyone is going for the 530 stairs, I can tell you.... Funny enough I have never been in the London Eye... Loic