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Outdoor Smoking Ban and Street Portrait

Will this scene ever be possible in some years ? How long will it take for ongoing paranoia to get the Smoking Ban extended to outdoor public places ? Did you know this was already the case :
"Smoking has been banned on the streets of Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward since October 2002. Ward employees patrol the streets and fine violators ¥2000. According to the cigarette company Japan Tobacco, Inc., 60 municipalities, whose residents comprise 10% of Japan's population, have regulations to ban or discourage smoking on the street. Only three municipalities assess fines for violations.
In April 2007 the City of Burbank, California joined Calabasas and Santa Monica in restricting smoking in public places. The Secondhand Smoke Control Ordinance was supported by Mayor Todd Campbell, Jef Vander Borght and Marsha Ramos following independent requests by 2 Burbank residents, Eric Michael Cap & Robert Phipps Esq. In May, 2007 the City of Beverly Hills voted to ban smoking in all outdoor dining areas, effective October 1, 2007. Numerous other cities have since initiated their own public smoking restrictions, including Baldwin Park, Belmont and South Pasadena. The City of Los Angeles has banned smoking in its Parks following the 2007 Griffith Park fire, started by a smoker.
In February 2008, the Hawaii County Council voted to ban smoking at county recreation facilities on the island of Hawaii. Mayor Harry Kim expressed concerns over the bill's failure to allow designated smoking areas, and ultimately vetoed the bill. On April 22, 2008, the Council overrode his veto by a 7-2 vote, and smoking was banned in all county recreation facilities, including beach parks, rodeo arenas and the Hilo drag strip."


Anonymous said...

Lovely portrait ! I love the vivid colors and strong contrast & saturation.

Chandira said...

I think that any smoking ban is ok, if it's fairly considered, and workable by smokers! So often we're the ones out in the rain and cold, behind the building, sneaking around like criminals!

The point that England has recently found out, is that it kills the nightlife, bars, restaurants, etc, all start to do really badly, when people would rather stay at home and smoke than go to a bar where they can't smoke.
People making these laws don't understand that it's an addiction, and not a choice, for most smokers.

Anonymous said...

Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) causes disease in non-smokers. Workplace bans on smoking are interventions to reduce exposure to ETS to try to prevent harmful health effects. The Irish Government on the 29th March 2004 introduced the first national comprehensive legislation banning smoking in all workplaces including bars and restaurants.

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