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Christmas Decorations 2007, Carnaby Street, London

This photo was taken in December 2007 and shows Christmas decorations in Carnaby Street, London.
Instead of Christmas lights, Carnaby Street - and the pretty, pedestrian streets around it - were covered in a canopy of festive paper chains, in bright and irridescent colours. An inventive solution to the energy consuming lights which benefit the environment while avoiding accusations of bah humbug-ism.
It was an inventive alternative to energy consuming lights, and they didn't even have a super-model to "turn them on"... The paper chain design made use of the store lights in the shops at night and interacted with the holographic finish of the Christmas decorations, therefore using no extra electricity for the display. By using a highly reflective material and extremely bright colours, the oversized ‘paper chains’ reacted to sunlight too, so that removed the use of electricity during daylight hours altogether.
Not sure if same idea will be renewed this year...

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