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Uilleann Pipe (Phìob Uilleann) and Dicky Deegan Piper

These are photos of an Uilleann pipe, originally known as the Union pipes, and which are the characteristic national bagpipe of Ireland. The uilleann pipes bag is inflated by means of a small set of bellows strapped around the waist and the right arm; the bellows not only relieves the player from the effort needed to blow into a bag to maintain pressure, they also allow relatively dry air to power the reeds, reducing the adverse affects of moisture on tuning and longevity. Some pipers can converse or sing while playing as well. The uilleann pipes are distinguished from many other forms of bagpipes by their sweet tone and wide range of notes.
The word uilleann comes from the Irish word uillinn, meaning elbow.

The musician playing on these photos is Dicky Deegan. You can visit his Dicky Deegan MySpace Page, listen to some of his songs, read his biography and reference, and also visit Dicky Deegan Blogspot.
Uilleann Piper Dicky Deegan has been playing the Uilleann Pipes for over 20 years. Throughout this period he has performed at most of the major Australian Music Festivals as well as many European, UK and Irish Festivals.
He has also released 3 CDs so far : BY THE RIVER OF GEMS, AN PHIB and MUSIC OF THE IRISH CELTS.