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The Peyos & The Keffiyeh (or Israel-Palestine Peace Hope)

This photo was taken in London during the “Free Palestine” demonstration that took place at Trafalgar Square against the war in Gaza between Hamas and Israel, January 17th 2009, London.
1 The Keffiyeh (كوفية‎, kūfiyyah), also known as a (ya)shmagh is a traditional headdress for Arab men made of a square of cloth (“scarf”), usually cotton, folded and wrapped in various styles around the head. Traditionally worn by Palestinian peasants, the black-and-white keffiyeh is a symbol of Palestinian heritage and its prominence increased in the 1960 with the beginning of the Palestinian resistance movement and its adoption by Arafat.
1 The Payos (also peyot, payot, peyes) is a Hebrew word, which literally translates into English as corners, sides or edges; in the context of Judaism, it is particularly used in relation to the head and face, denoting sidelocks, and sometimes also sideburns. Haredi, Yemenite, and Hasidic Jews often sport distinctive long curled payot, while those of Modern Orthodox Judaism wear more varyingly sized sideburns. The practice of wearing payot is one of the consequences of Jewish law regarding shaving.

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roentarre said...

Very good capture and good black and white toning