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Playboy Fashion Flagship Store, Oxford Street, London

This is a photo of the Playboy London Flagship Store on 153 Oxford Street ( On 21 September 2007 was opened a 4,000 square-foot Playboy Store, its first freestanding retail location in Europe. The store, which occupies the entire building, features a dramatic, customized 39-step spiraling staircase, enabling customers to shop for Playboy's fashion and home collections on three levels. The first Playboy store in London follows store openings in Las Vegas (The Forum Shops and Palms Casino Resort), Melbourne, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Auckland. See entire "Playboy Style Press Release".


roentarre said...

That is really fun to have a symbol of playboy to present a view of photography

Mr. Wilson said...

playboy is really one of the most popular icon around the world. everyone knows what it means and what it employ.

Anonymous said...

is the store stil in oxford street?