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Queen Anne Statue at St Paul's, London

This is a photo of the statue of Queen Anne (6 February 1665 – 1 August 1714) who became Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland on 8 March 1702. Anne's life was marked by many crises, both personally and relating to succession of the Crown and religious polarisation. Because she died without surviving issue, Anne was the last monarch of the House of Stuart.

The statue of Queen Anne, standing outside the west front of St. Paul's Cathedral, depicts the ruling monarch at the time of the Cathedral's compleition in 1710. It is an 1886 replica by Richard Belt which replaced the original dilapidated version sculpted by Francis Bird in 1712. The ladies around the base of the statue represent England, France, Ireland and North America, all of whom Anne considered herself to be queen of.


roentarre said...

So majestic and beautifully framed

Marc said...

What I like in this one is "just the gold". No other painted colour. And very well captured of course, but that goes without saying.