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Surfing, Perranporth (Porthpyran), Cornwall

This photo was taken in Perranporth, a popular surfing tourist destination on the north coast of Carrick, Cornwall, UK. The village, and its large sandy beach, face the Atlantic, with hundreds of miles of uninterrupted fetch producing large waves, making it one of the most popular surfing destinations in Britain, along with neighbouring breaks at Newquay, Chapel Porth and Porthowan.
The village's name is Cornish for "Saint Piran's cove". Saint Piran is the patron saint of Cornwall and his white-on-black cross features on the county's flag. It is believed that Saint Piran founded the church near to Perranporth (the "Lost Church") in the seventh century. Buried under sand for many centuries, it was unearthed early in the twentieth century, but again left to the mercy of the sands in the 1970s. Plans are now afoot to make it accessible once more.
Perranporth hosts a popular inter-Celtic festival each October, Lowender Peran, drawing people in from all six of the Celtic nations (Scotland - Alba, Ireland - Éire, Isle of Man - Ellan Vannin, Wales - Cymru, Cornwall - Kernow, Brittany - Breizh).


roentarre said...

An image like this always brings out the best mood. Great 70s kind of noir feeling there

Anonymous said...

Great atmosphere in this photo. Bravo !