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29 March 2009 : 155th Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race Course

Today 29 March at 15:40 BST was the 2009 The Boat Race, with Oxford winning.

The Boat Race also known as the University Boat Race and The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, is a rowing race in England between the Oxford University Baot Club and the Cambridge University Boat Club. It is rowed annually each spring on the Thames in London. The event is a popular one, not only with the alumni of the universities, but also with rowers in general and the public. An estimated quarter of a million people watch the race live from the banks of the river, around seven to nine million people on TV in the UK, and an overseas audience estimated by the Boat Race Company of around 120 million, however, other estimates put the international audience below 20 million. The first race was in 1829 and it has been held annually since 1856, with the exception of the two world wars.

Members of both teams are traditionally known as blues and each boat as a "Blue Boat", with Cambridge in light blue and Oxford dark blue.

The Oxford team 2009 :

The Cambridge team 2009 (Cambridge University celebrates its 800th anniversary this year) :

Departure line in Putney :

The course is 4 miles and 374 yards (6,779 m) from Putney to Mortlake, passing Hammersmith and Barnes; it is sometimes referred to as the Chmapionship Course, and follows an S shape, east to west. The start and finish are marked by the University Boat Race Stones on the south bank.

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roentarre said...

This boat race seems like a traditional event between the two elite universities

The route seems pretty long as well

Thanks for enlightening my knowledge around the world!