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9th March 2009 : Fifty Years of Doll Barbie

The children's doll Barbie celebrates her half-century on 9 March, 2009, and she remains an enduring icon, who, at 50, has kept her youthful physique - even if plastic has had a part to play...

Barbie Millicent Roberts was first introduced to the world in 1959 at the New York Toy Fair. She was named Barbie after her creator Ruth Handler's daughter Barbara. Ruth Handler had seen her child play with baby and toddler dolls, but at the time saw a gap in the American market for a toy which represented a young woman.
The very first
Barbie dolls wore a black and white swimsuit, high-heeled sandals, and had the trademark high eyebrows. More than one billion dolls have been sold since her inception, and according to the dolls makers, Mattel, 90% of American girls aged between three and 10 own at least one.
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Sophie said...

Interesting article(s) and good photo to illustrate... Or I should say very nice street candid photo, and good idea for the caption and article ;-)
Almost one year your blog ?! Keep it up ! Cheers.