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Longships Lighthouse, Land's End, Cornwall, England

These two photos show the Longships Lighthouse - and the second was taken from helicopter (flying to the Isles of Scilly - 45 km /28 miles off Land's End).
Longships is the name given to a group of rocks situated 1.25 miles to the west of Land's End, in Penwith, Corwall, united Kingdom. Longships Lighthouse is situated at Longships and the original was built in 1795 on the highest point of the largest rock. However, this was only 40 feet above sea level, and the tower itself was only 40 feet tall. High seas therefore obscured its light resulting in Trinity House making the decision to build a taller tower. In 1869 Trinity House instructed William Douglass to begin plans for a new lighthouse. The building of the new tower started in 1870 using much of the equipment that had previously been used in the construction of Wolf Rock lighthouse. The tower was first lit in December 1873. Even after these improvements, the S.S. Bluejacket was wrecked on rocks near the lighthouse on a clear night in 1898, nearly demolishing the lighthouse in the process.
Since 1988, the lighthouse has been unmanned. Its light is 10 seconds bright followed by 10 seconds dark, and has a range of 19 miles. A fog signal sounds every 10 seconds. The gullies, canyons, prolific marine line and shipwrecks at Longships make it a popular diving location.


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This type of bird's eye photography is difficult for me to do. I am envious

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