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Springtime : Dutch Crocus, Crocus Vernus 'Pickwick'

21st of March is springtime in Nothern Hemisphere ! This photo was taken a few days before the arrival of spring in the north of Europe.
Dutch crocus (Crocus Vernus) is a plant of the Crocus genus in the Iridaceae family. 'Pickwick' is a lovely variety with delicate white flowers, veined with deep purple.
It is an ideal bulb to naturalise in grass. The flowers appear from spring to early summer but during mild winters they can bloom as early as February.


roentarre said...

Such a clever use of negative space to compliment the flower. Surely it really stands out with that clarity and contrast.

dhimas130184 said...

wow you have great job as photograf, keep the best for you job
visit back please

fortuitous faery said...

i love crocus flowers! mine aren't as profoundly photographed as yours.

Elizabeth Barrette said...

Beautiful! I have some of these, along with solid purple, white, and yellow crocus. I like the giant ones best. The smaller snow crocus are harder to see.