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29 April : Start of the 7th Annual London International Festival Of Science Fiction And Fantastic Film (SCI-FI-LONDON) - The Hunt For Gollum

I am not really into this type of movies, but I got the chance to be there during some promotion shooting of in the streets of London, earlier in April, and found it interesting to photograph.

For the aficionados, the 7th Annual London International Festival Od Science Fiction And Fantastic Film (SCI-FI-LONDON) will be held between on the Appolo Piccadilly Circus, on 29 April - 4 may 2009. You can check the full program at
The movie from which the photos were taken is called "The Hunt For Gollum" ( and The Hunt For Gollum official website) and is supposed to be an independent Lord of the Rings tribute film.


roentarre said...

Seriously spetacular in deed. Amazing make up on these faces. Truely lord of rings

Loïc BROHARD said...

I promise a more friendly face for tomorrow !

Wedding Photographer said...

Very scary... thru the abstraction of black and white they look even more realistic to me.

Trooper Thorn said...

Family reunions are always awkward. Glad I missed it this year.