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8th April 2009 : Birkat Ha'Hamah (ברכת החמה), Blessing of the Sun

Just a Street Portrait for today, as reference to today's Birkat Hachama
(רכת החמה, "Blessing of the Sun"), which refers to a Jewish blessing, that is recited on the Sun once every twenty-eight years, when the vernal equinox as calculated by tradition falls on a Tuesday at sundown. According to Judaism, the Sun has a 28 year solar cycle known as machzor gadol (מחזור גדול, "the large cycle"). A solar year is 365.25 days long and the "Blessing of the Sun", being said at the beginning of this cycle, is therefore recited every 10,227 (28 times 365.25) days.
Next time will be on Wednesday, April 8, 2037 !


roentarre said...

So much beard there and he looks like an important person in deed

John said...

That's strong portrait ! Thanks for the story around Birket Ha'Hamma.