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Gemsbok, Oryx Gazella, Namibia

This photo was taken in Namibia and shows a Gemsbok or Gemsbuck (Oryx gazella), which is a large African antelope, of the Oryx genus. The name is derived from the Dutch name of the male chamois, Gemsbok. Although there are some superficial similarities in appearance (especially in the colour of the face area), the chamois and the oryx are not closely related. Gemsbok are light brownish-grey to tan in colour, with lighter patches to the bottom rear of the rump. Their tails are long and black in colour.A dark brown stripe extends from the chin down the bottom edge of the neck through the join of the shoulder and leg along the lower flank of each side to the brown section of the rear leg. They have muscular necks and shoulders and their legs have white 'socks' with a black patch on the front of both the front legs and both genders have long straight horns. Gemsbok are about 1.4 metres at the shoulder and males can weigh between 230-250kg while females weigh 200-210kg. Gemsbok are mainly desert-dwelling and do not depend on drinking to supply their physiological water needs.


roentarre said...

What a magnificent looking animal. You certainly have been to so many places

Emm said...

I love gemsboks! I took a photo once of one with a broken horn. (I posted it here if you want to see).