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Tour Scor, Jean Balladur (1983), Paris La Défense

This is a photo of the Tour SCOR in Paris La Défense business district.
The building from architect Jean Balladur was ended in 1983, The three-prong shape was thus imposed, as was the plan as defined by its owner, the reinsurance firm SCOR. Its primary material, Carrara marble, was also used for La Grande Arche and lends a unique architectural style to the esplanade in contrast to the surrounding glass-encased towers. This building lies between Tour EDF and the Centre Commercial Les Quatre Temps.


Shane said...

Is Jean a relative to Edouard the ex-French Prime Minister ?
Nice photo !

roentarre said...

This is an abstract using very interesting geometrical pattern of the modern building windows.

I like the reflections off the window

Loïc BROHARD said...

See Edouard Balladur (in English) and Jean Balladur (in French).