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Eastbourne Pier, WKD National Poster Campaign

This is a photo of an old WDK national poster campaign found on a wall of Eastbourne pier.
WDK Original Vodka is a brand of Alcopop. It is sold and heavily marketed in the United Kingdom with the slogan ‘Have you got a WKD side?’ (Have you got a wicked side?).
WKD Vodka has been heavily promoted in the UK. Promotion includes a TV advertising campaign, a national poster campaign, scoreboard sponsorship at Premiership football clubs, giving out samples in bars and clubs, sponsorship, and student tours. Their catchphrase is "Have you got a WKD side?" was launched in 2000 and hit TV screens in 2001. The TV adverts feature men pulling pranks or behaving in a strange or selfish manner for the beverage.
Along with several other alcopop or RTD producers, WKD have been accused by the UK
UK ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) of using advertising which was likely to appeal to under-18s, resulting in some of their TV adverts being banned.

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