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Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

This is a photo of Four Mile Beach, the premier beach in Port Douglas, which is a town in Far North Queensland, Australia, approximately 70 km north of Cairns. Its permanent population was 948 residents in 2006. The town's population can often quadruple, however, with the influx of tourists during the peak tourism season May-September. Port Douglas developed quickly based on the mining industry. Other parts of the area were established with timber cutting occurring in the area surrounding the Daintree River and with settlement starting to occur on lots around the Mossman River by 1880.
The town is situated adjacent to two World Heritage areas, the
Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest.


roentarre said...

Beautiful beach shot and I long to visit the region myself. The water is typically blue like Australian waters

ronald said...

Indeed. The beaches are very beautiful and you can stay on Port Douglas hotels that are above par when it comes to accommodations.