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Mont Ventoux : View of the Alps

This is a photo taken from the top of Mont Ventoux, a mountain in the Provence region of southern France. It is the largest mountain in the region and has been nicknamed the "Giant of Provence", or "The Bald Mountain". It has gained notoriety through its use in the Tour de France cycling race.As the name might suggest (venteux means windy in French), it can get windy at the summit, especially with the Mistral; windspeeds as high as 320 km/h have been recorded. Mont Ventoux, although geologically part of the Alps, is often considered to be separate from them, due to the lack of mountains of a similar height nearby. Its isolated position overlooking the valley of the Rhône ensures that it dominates the entire region and can be seen from many miles away on a clear day. The view from the top is correspondingly superb. Here, it shows looking towards East and one can see the Alps and the all year round snow-capped mountains. You can see this link to another Ventoux post.


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