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Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed Memorial, Harrods, London

This is a photo of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed Memorial.
Since the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Dodi Fayed, Mohamed Al Fayed's son, two memorials commissioned by Al Fayed have been erected inside Harrods to the couple.
  • The first (photographed above), unveiled on April 12, 1998, consists of photographs of the two behind a pyramid-shaped display that holds a wine glass still smudged with lipstick from Diana's last dinner as well as what is described as an engagement ring Dodi purchased the day before they died...
  • The second memorial, unveiled in 2005 and located by the Egyptian escalator at door three is titled "Innocent Victims", is a bronze statue of the two dancing on a beach beneath the wings of an albatross. The albatross is a bird that is said to symbolise the "Holy Spirit". The sculpture was created by 80 year old Bill Mitchell who is a close friend of Al Fayed and has been the artistic design advisor to Harrods for 40 years. Mr Al Fayed said he wanted to keep the pair's "spirit alive" through the statue

I don't have a photo of the second, but I will hunt for one (you can see one here in the meantime)... the memorial is almost as kitsch and corny as the first one...

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Manny said...

So kitsh in deed !..... Thanks of sharing.