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Street Scene and Beerlao, Laos

This is a photo taken in Luang Prabang, Laos.
You can see advertisement for Beerlao, the name of a range of beers (lager, light beer and dark beer) produced by the lao Brewery Company (LBC) of Vientiane in Laos.
The beer is based on locally grown jasmine rice; the hops and yeast used are imported from Germany. Beerlao Original (5% Alc./Vol.), the original lager produced by LBC, is sold in 330 ml and 640 ml bottles and 330 ml cans. It is available throughout Laos, and in western-style restaurants in Cambodia. It is increasingly available in bars in Thailand.
Beerlao is now exported to the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zeland, Japan, Vietnam, France, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Beerlao is very popular with foreign travelers in Vientiane. Many guidebooks recommend enjoying a cold Beerlao at one of the riverside restaurants by the Mekong River as a 'must-do' experience when visiting the city. Time Magazine named Beerlao Asia's best beer in 2004.

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roentarre said...

Not sure what that lady is selling. Interesting facade here