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Karlu Karlu, Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve, Australia

This photo was taken at the Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve (see official website), located south of Tennant Creek area of Northern Territory in Australia. The site is known as Karlu Karlu to the land's Aboriginal traditional owners. The ‘Devil’s Marbles’ or ‘Karlu Karlu’ with its gigantic, rounded granite boulders, some spectacularly poised, is a remarkable landscape. Scattered clusters of these ‘marbles’ are spread across a wide, shallow valley. The Devil’s Marbles is a nationally and internationally recognised symbol of Australia’s outback.


roentarre said...

Very good picture with great texture embedded in them.

Nathalie said...


Merci pour le message laissé sur mon blog Sydney Daily Snap.

Je suis maintenant à Avignon (voir mon blog actuel)

J'ai complètement flashé sur cette photo australienne bien sûr, mais aussi sur celle de la plage des sables blancs en bretagne. Que c'est beau ! Aussi beau que les plages australiennes et ce n'est pas peu dire...