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Lum Vong, Traditional Lao Dancer, Laos

This photo was taken in Vientiane, the capital city of Laos.
The traditional Lao dance is called the lum vong. All the dancers form a circle. The size of the circle depends on the song being played, the lam or morlam. All the dancers will "fohn" in a circular way repeating the circle until the song stops. The circle and the dance are very coordinated and oriented. If the style and the beat of the song is slow, the dancers will go slowly. Conversely, the circle will rotate faster to a faster song.
During Lao New Year and some other festivals, there will be professional Lao dancers of different ages and styles. Some of the dancers are teenagers or children performing ancient dances that has been passing down from generation to generation. Different cultures of Laos will also perform to express their cultures like the Hmong, Tai Dum and others. Usually, the dance will appear before the whole event takes place as an opening act to represent the New Year.

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