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Plumeria Rubra, Red Frangipani (Champa), Laos

This is a photo of a Plumeria Rubra (Red Frangipani) flower taken in Laos.
Plumeria rubra is a deciduous plant belonging to the genus Plumeria. Its common names are Red Frangipani, Common Frangipani or Temple Tree.
Plumeria rubra can grow to a height of 8 metres. It has usually pink flowers, and also has varieties with white or yellow shades .
These are now common naturalised plants in southern and southeastern Asia. In local folk beliefs they provide shelter to ghosts and demons. The scent of the Plumeria has been associated with a vampire in Malay folklore, the pontianak. They are associated with temples in both Hindu and Buddhist cultures, though Hindus (except on Bali) do not use the flowers in their temple offerings.
P. alba is the national flower of Nicaragua and Laos, where it is known under the local name "Sacuanjoche" (Nicaragua) and "Champa" (Laos).


Sofia said...

Had never seen some red ones before... Do they smell as nice as the white ones ? Great photo...

roentarre said...

This is a fantastic processing on a special flower

Loïc BROHARD said...

Yes Sofia, same smell as the white ones !
Thanks Roentarre.

Flowers said...

Nice blog with very nice picture of flower. It looks really cute and hope it's scent is cool :)