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Chez George (11, rue de Canettes - 75006 - Paris), France

This photo was taken in Paris, France and does show the (closed) bar, Chez George.

The bar was included in the Top 10 Bar of The World in a Guardian's article :
"A dingy, smoky cellar bar. Walking into Chez Georges is like finding yourself on the set of a Truffaut film. It’s full of effortlessly cool people who don’t seem to be up themselves, which of course makes them seem even cooler. Early evening everyone is huddled round tiny tables drinking red wine out of glass tumblers or squeezed on to sofas. Come closing time the floor is a mass of flailing limbs and nodding heads."

Timeout's review : "One of a dying breed of cave-bars in the Latin Quarter, Chez Georges is beloved of students, professionals and local eccentrics. Regulars pop in during the day to sip wine over a game of chess, and at night the cave fills up with people dancing to chanson, pop and even the odd bar mitzvah tune. The heat is mascara-melting and it's not for the claustrophobic, but it's a great way to meet new people..."


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