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Pointe du Raz (Beg ar Raz), Ile de Sein (Enez Sun) and Phare de la Vieille, Brittany, France

This is a photo of the Pointe du Raz, a promontory that extends into the Atlantic from western Brittany, in France.
It is named after the Raz de Sein, the dangerous stretch of water between it and the island of Sein (Enez Sun in Breton). It is a dramatic place of crashing waves and strong winds.
You can see the Phare de la Vieille (Vieille lighthouse), built between 1882 and 1887 on the rock known as la Gorlebella (Breton for "the farthest rock"), it illuminates and improves the safety of the strait Raz de Sein, across from the companion (yellow) lighthouse Tourelle de la Plate. The so-called "hell" of this lighthouse is due to its remote position in rough seas.
The architecture of the Vieille was designed to be aesthetically pleasing, and also chosen to minimise confusion with the nearby tower Tévennec. Thus the lighthouse's shape is a squat quadrilateral, with slight crenellations. The tower is square and semi-cylindrical on the north face, broadening towards the base. The structure of the lighthouse was constructed from grey granite quarried from the Ile de Sein, while the tower and the corners of the building were built from coated cinder blocks of blue granite, from Kersanton.
In the background, one can see the
Ile de Sein (Sein Island).