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VéloSoleX by Solex

This is a photo of an old VéloSoleX, a moped or motorised bicycle that was originally produced by the French manufacturer Solex, based in Paris, France.
The Vélosolex has a small 49cc motor mounted above the front wheel. Power is delivered via a small ceramic roller that rotates directly on the front wheel by friction to the tire. The first prototype of a VeloSolex was created in 1941 and used regular bicycle frame such as those under the "Alcyon" brand and were powered by a 45cc engine developed by Solex. VELOSOLEX were produced commercially and sold starting 1946 with a 45cc engine without clutch, then later with a 49cc engine.
The French manufacturer Solex was a company (founded by Marcel Mennesson and Maurice Goudard) which manufactured centrifugal radiators, carburetors, and micrometers, before branching into assist motors and bicycles. Owned successively by Dassault, Renault, Motobécane/MBK, VéloSoleX sold more than 7 million VéloSoleX worldwide before ceasing production in France in 1988. Production of the VéloSoleX restarted in both China and Hungary after 1988, but production ceased in Hungary in 2002. Today the Velosolex is manufactured in France. The trademark "VéloSoleX" is the property of Velosolex America, LLC. Velosolex America markets the VéloSoleX world wide.

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