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Párisi Udvar Gallery (Parisian Arcade), Budapest

These photos were taken at Párisi Udvar Gallery in Budapest.
Parisian Arcade (Párisi udvar) is one of the most impressive buildings the Hungarian capital is so famous for. The name of the building Párisi udvar comes from the Paris Street next to the building. Built between 1909 and 1913 on the plot that used to be one of the most expensive ones at that time, the building was commissioned by Central City Savings Bank which wanted to have a serious façade without excessive ornamentation.The tender was won by German-born architect Henrik Schmahl who also designed numerous buildings and villas in Budapest, including Urania Cinema. The dimly lit interior passageway with its impressive glass dome offers the atmosphere of Oriental bazaar. Except, you don’t find many (open) shops here, for some reason the arcade is not popular with shop owners these days.

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