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Portrait, Pa'O (Pa-Oh) ethnic group, Shan State, Myanmar (Burma, Birmanie)

Portrait, Pa'O (Pa-Oh) ethnic group, Shan State, Myanmar (Burma, Birmanie)
Photo taken at  Taung Tho Kyaung Pagoda, Inle Lake, Shan State, Mynamar.
Today with the Shan, there are a large number of Wa, Pa-O, Palaung, Lisu, Lahu, Akha, Kokang and Intha living in this state.
The Pa-O are a branch of the Kayin, and migrated with them from central Asia. There are about half a million Pa-O now living in Myanmar, and other members of this people also live in Thailand. They have their own script and language, with six tones. Unfortunately, all their written records are lost, but it is probable that after their migration they established their first kingdom in Thaton, 130 kilometers (81 miles) east of Yangon, Through many dynasties, they lived alongside the Mon. Following wars with the Myanmar, Pa-O fled north and settled on Lake Inle, where they still live today.
There are also estimated to be around 100,000 Pa-O living in the region of Thaton, in Mon State. They are easily recognized by their striking costumes - the women's dresses and blouses are black or dark blue with fine, bright-coloured embroidery, and both men and women wear colourful turbans of towelling on their heads. The men's jackets and trousers are also dark blue or black.
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Wonderful B&W portrait. And interesting story about the Pa'O.