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About me


I was born in 1970 and grew up in Amiens (Picardie, France). I followed economics and business studies at the INSEEC business school in Paris where I obtained a Master in 1992, and then specialised to obtain a Master in Finance & Control at the IAE Montpellier University in 1994. After a couple of Finance positions in Paris, I moved and worked in Amsterdam between 2001 and 2004, and then to London since 2004, where I am currently working in Finance in an Electronics multinational company.
I am married and have 2 daughters. During free time, like to travel around the world and being a photograph.


I remember using a camera from the age of seven, my father's Kodak Instamatic 155x126 film cartridge camera. The only adjustment possible was by rotating the lens ring between symbols for Sunny and Cloudy/Flash, which changed the shutter speed. And it had this cool seventies’ Magicubes (X-Flashcubes) technology added on !! And also a Polaroid 1000, with its now iconic design which was a great little camera, point and shoot at it's best.


I remember being quite fascinated at that age by that “sense of time stopping and a moment being preserved forever” as Mary Ellen Mark said.
Since then, I have never really stopped taking photographs, moving with the technology from one camera to another (Canon AE-1 Program, Canon EOS 300 “Rebel 2000”, switching to digital SLR with the launch of the Sony Alpha 100, then α700, and more recently adopting Sony α99 full frame and its Single-Lens Translucent technology).

My preferred area is and has always been Travel Photography (landscape, architecture, famous and less famous landmarks, wildlife and portrait) and I am lucky enough to have visited a serious number of countries across all continents.

However, as I don’t spend the whole year travelling around the world, I fill my passion of photography with Street Photography and Candid, which is something you can do anytime of the year and for which I have developed some skills and put some energy in. I am the administrator of the well-established Flickr group : “Street Photography and Candid Street Portrait (The Very Best)